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Tim Englert Construction
Tim Englert Construction "Just wanted to say thanks for working with us to achieve what we wanted in our kitchen… "
- (Dick &) Cindy Sapronetti
Tim Englert Construction
Tim Englert Construction
Tim Englert Construction
Tim Englert Construction
Tim Englert Construction Tim Englert Construction Tim Englert Construction
Tim Englert Construction

What is Design/Build?

The design/build process is an integrated approach to design, planning, and construction. Design/Build covers the remodeling or building process from idea conception straight through to the end results.

Integrated design/build services are an alternative to the often-confusing process of hiring an architectural company to design and create plans and then seeking a construction company to interpret those plans to build the reality.

By choosing Tim Englert Construction’s design/build process, you allow continuity between the vision of design and the realities of construction from the early-stage ideas through the last nail driven at project completion.

  • Save money with the design/build process. Except for the biggest and most complex residential home remodeling projects, an architect simply isn’t needed. Using our experienced design/build, certified construction team translates into a considerable cost savings for you.

  • Move forward without delay. It simply makes sense that the person responsible for building and construction also oversaw the design and planning phases.

    From that first walk-through, our knowledgeable and certified professionals can identify challenges unique to your project.

    We know the local building codes and zoning issues–everything from property lines to working around utility easements.

    We deal with the real issues - structural problems, septic systems, heating and cooling - everyday.

    We know what works and what can make your vision a well-built, safe, and structurally sound reality.

  • Get all the facts up front. Probably, more than anything else, people want to know, “How much is it going to cost?” With design/build, you can receive projected construction costs (within plus or minus 15%).

  • You are an equal partner in the design process. With today’s sophisticated three dimensional computer programs, the client sits alongside the designer/builder, getting it right the first time.

    "The traditional way of designing with the architect working up two-dimensional drawings and going back and forth with revisions is over," said Tim Englert.

    Now everyone is on the same page from the start. Today’s technology allows you to see everything from the door swing to the placement of electrical outlets. You can view profiles, textures and colors with great detail. Changes and updates to the design are done more quickly and easily than when hand drawn.

  • Enjoy peace of mind. The design/build process guides you through a clear, orderly, and step-by-step process that results in a well designed and properly implemented remodeling project.

    Tim Englert Construction considers it an honor when you place your trust in our work. In return, we promise you nothing less than a positive design/build experience and complete satisfaction with the quality and craftsmanship at project completion.

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