Our Remodeling Process

What to Expect During the Remodeling Process

Regardless of the scale of your specific project, the remodeling process is a series of steps and a major event in your life. Our team has worked through this process countless times over the past forty years. Although the details of each individual project are unique, relatively all projects follow the same stages. If this is your first remodel, or its been a while since your last project, the following provides a high level overview of the process and some helpful tips, to give you an idea of what you can expect.


Proper Planning & Upfront Communication Produce the Best Remodeling Results

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Good Planning Means Accurate Quotes

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A Design Development Process that Saves You Money

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The Pre-Construction Conference Sets the Stage

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Project Continuity & the Availability of an On-Site Professional

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The Work Begins Before Construction Even Starts

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The Construction Phase Begins

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The Tim Englert Construction Team is Available & Accessible During Construction

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The Final Days of Construction Arrive

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Once the Dust Settles

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Your Home's Transformation Begins Here. Let's Get Started!